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The Covid-19 Pandemic has taught us the importance of taking your business digital as many businesses face an existential crisis due to a lack of digital presence while their customers have moved online.

The HDBB campaign was conceived during the Covid-19 pandemic to enable UK businesses build completely professional websites at significantly reduced costs, to help businesses grow and optimise their income potential.  HDBB campaign supports small and medium organisations for digital transformation equipping them with tools, culture, and training to succeed in the digital world. 

HDBB campaign has brought together a group of companies who are able to provide the best  digital solutions for British businesses. HDBB is supported by its sponsoring companies who are leaders in Digital Transformation and possesses the know-how, with proven track record, having tools to guide organizations for successful digital transformations helping organizations easily adopt new digital technologies and practices. It is  spearheaded by TenRightAngle Limited.

Digitise and Grow

Grow Your Business through digitisation, increase
sales and grow your business.

Bespoke Packages

Professional websites, Social media management tailored to your business requirements

Continuous Support

We will always have your back by providing 24/7 IT support to solve problems.


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Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

HDBB Gives Your business the Tools, Strategies and support you need to ensure a stronger digital presence and increase your income stream.


Our Team

The HDBB campaign team comprises of companies that are leaders in the field of web designing and digital marketing. They are able to build bespoke professional websites, provide continuous IT support and provide brand development services for British businesses.